Alternative to fullcalendar?

Fullcalendar looks great. Do you know of any alternatives to it for comparisons?

Looking for

  • Open source
  • Ability to visually drag (change start time) and extend (change duration) of events.


... moving the comment to an answer since it seems to be helping...

From a jquery perspective the only other one that comes close is jquery-week-calendar. In some ways the jquery-week-calendar has more features at the moment, but FullCalender has a bigger following and is closing the gap on features. FullCalendar is also documented better and has a more formal development path. Given the development speed of the two, I think FullCalendar is the better choice for a long term solution. Open source and has the ability to drag n drop etc.

Cons are there is no support whatsoever!

I found one based on YUI 2. Looks pretty good, has demos and docs:

Diary by Matt Parker

I have one in development at the moment; demo site is at, source code is at

I have "view week" working, and will be adding "view day" and "view month" once I have written up some HowTo notes.

This development was inspired by the number of times I was asked how to drag events from one FullCalendar to another. Resource management is built into my system, allowing events to be moved between resource calendars.

Unlike FullCalendar, rendering calendars and events is abstracted out into external functions; the demo system compiles doT.js templates into suitable functions.

Two levels of sanity checking are provided through callbacks - 1) can this resource accept this event (covers things such as seating capacity and staff availability), & 2) managing what happens when meetings overlap. The supplied example function for the latter is overkill for most people - it bumps meetings forward to accommodate an inserted event - but this is just an example. The function respects "Locked" events - events that can not be dragged or resized or bumped by an inserted event.

Still early days - the project is only 3 weeks old, so I would be interested in comments or suggestions.

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