Android: In Gridview how do I make the images clickable

I am trying to make the images clickable so that when they are pressed it will send the user to another page or link.

How can I achive this? Currently each row in the GridView has 2 Buttons. How will it know which item in the GridView is clicked so that it performs a certain action, specific to the item that was clicked.

Thanks for any help!

This is in my image adapter class:

// create a new ImageView for each item referenced by the Adapter public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) { ImageView imageView; if (convertView == null) { // if it's not recycled, initialize some attributes imageView = new ImageView(mContext); imageView.setAdjustViewBounds(true); // imageView.setScaleType(ImageView.ScaleType.FIT_CENTER); imageView.setPadding(4, 8, 4, 8); } else { imageView = (ImageView) convertView; } imageView.setImageResource(mThumbIds[position]); return imageView; } // references to our images private Integer[] mThumbIds = { R.drawable.menu_about,R.drawable.menu_episodes }; }


You may want to consider using the ImageButton class to do this for you. Its a button but instead of having a boring gray gradient you place an image there instead! Andriod ImageButton Docs From there you are free to use a click listener just like you would with a regular button.

Just add a listener to the GridView

GridView gridView = (GridView) findViewById(;
gridView.setAdapter(new ImageAdapter());

gridView.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener()
public void onItemClick(AdapterView parent,
View v, int position, long id)
data.aktueltBilledeNr = position;
Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), "Viser billede " + (position + 1), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
//startActivity(new Intent(Resultatsoversigt_akt.this, Teoriproeveaktivitet2.class));

first of all find the position of the buttons(Here Image) and then use the switch case to perfrom what ever you say...

GridView gridView = (GridView) findViewById(;
gridView.setAdapter(new ImageAdapter());
gridView.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener() {
public void onItemClick(AdapterView parent,View v,int position,long id) {
switch(position) {
case 0:
Intent intent=new Intent(this,targer.class);
case 1:


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