Android Text Selection Terminology

How are the two "trapezoids" that appear during text selection (in the emulator) called?

Where can I find more information about how to control them programmatically?

For further clarity, I am attaching a snapshot where you can see the left & right "text-selection trapezoids":

Android Text Selection Terminology


We just call them cursor controllers, or handles.

to be precise ..

In android terminology it is "SelectionModifierCursorController"

It would appear based on the name of the images used to display these handles that they're called Text Select Handles, of which there's a

  • Left Text Select Handle;
  • Right Text Select Handle; and a
  • Middle Text Select Handle (which is just the Left and Right images side-by-side)

The underlying code that manages these is in the three classes that derive from HandleView in android.widget.Editor:

  • InsertionHandleView
  • SelectionStartHandleView
  • SelectionEndHandleView

This is a shot in the dark--but maybe they're called carets in Webkit?

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