bulk update objects using form in rails

I have a person model and a quotes model. Each person can have many quotes associated with them, which in turn has things like Author, Text, Url associated with them. In practice really only one person has a quotes object but all people could potentially have one.

I'm trying to have a dirt simple bulk moderate tool on quotes. As in, users can type in quotes and an admin can go and have all of the quotes of a particular person (but like in practice, only one will have them) and check a box which sets a boolean approved to 0 or 1. When the quotes are actually displayed, they're filtered by this field.

I'm getting really mixed up trying to create a form that updates these all in bulk. I got the form to display all of them as so:

<% form_for :quotes, :html => { :method => :put }, :url => {:controller => "quote", :action => "bulk_update", } do |quote_form| %> <% @person.quotes.each do |quote| %> <p> <% fields_for "quotes[id][]", quote do |fields| %> Text.... <%= fields.check_box :approved %><br><br> <% end %> </p> <% end %> <%= submit_tag 'Update' %> <% end %>

I just have an incredibly generic thing in my bulk update controller which is basically like a normal update controller. I'm not sure what to put in there. I could try to put all the quotes which I probably should but I don't know how to get to that variable anyway because I'm doing all of this from whithin the Person view etc. The controller is osmething like this:

def bulk_update @quote = Quote.find(params[:id]) end

I guess I'm getting confused about the ID that should be in there and what should be getting passed in. Should the person ID be part of this at all? Like I said, I don't really care if technically all quotes are displayed on that page, they don't need to be sorted by user.

I'm getting parameters that look like this:

"quotes"=>{"id"=>{"6"=>{"approved"=>"0"}, ..

but it complains about not finding a quote without an ID. I don't care about the ID since I want to bulk update all of them. It seems like this particular stucture would map several ids, but maybe (probably) i have to change my controller to compensate for that, not sure how though. It also doesn't work when I try to remove the quotes par tof the hash and just have"id"=>{"6"=>{"approved"=>"0"}, .. as my parameters.

EDIT: I found a statement called update_all, but I don't know how to selectively pass it what I need...


I found the following approach to be flexible specially for error handling as well:

def bulk_update
quotes = params["quotes"]["id"]
quotes.each do |quote_id,quote_attrs|
quote = Quote.find(quote_id)
# Other logic of interest like error handling
# . . .
# Don't forget to render or redirect to the proper view


The proper way to do this is by moving the update logic to the model:

class QuotesController < ApplicationController
def bulk_update
errors = Quote.bulk_update(params["quotes"]["id"])
# Other logic of interest like error handling
# . . .
# Don't forget to render or redirect to the proper view

class Quote < ActiveRecord::Base
def bulk_update
errors = {}
quotes.each do |quote_id,quote_attrs|
quote = Quote.find(quote_id)
unless quote.update_attributes(quote_attrs)
errors[quote_id] = qoute.errors

I would make something like that:

def self.bulk_update(attributes)
where(id: attributes.keys).each_with_object({}) do |quote, errors|
unless quote.update_attributes(attributes["#{quote.id}"])}
errors["#{quote.id}"] = entry.errors

In this method you'll only load the quotes that are concerned.

Gregory Horion -

After looking at this code:

def bulk_update
quotes = params["quotes"]["id"]
quotes.each do |quote_id,quote_attrs|
quote = Quote.find(quote_id)

I thought it might be more concise to do just this:

Quote.where(:condition => "value").collect{|x| x.update_attributes(quote_attrs)}

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