Checkboxes are not scrolling in TListView component

I've created ListView and added checkboxes to check each row if needed. All was fine until there was a lot of items in the listview so that it needed scolling. I checked on line and then I saw that checkboxes are not scrolling with other content if I scroll the scrollbar.

My code:

unit ShareCommissionDialog; interface uses Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, StdCtrls, sButton, ComCtrls, sListView, sCheckBox, DataManager; type TdlgShareCommission = class(TForm) lvEmployees: TsListView; btnCancel: TsButton; btnDone: TsButton; procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject); procedure FormShow(Sender: TObject); procedure FormClose(Sender: TObject; var Action: TCloseAction); procedure btnDoneClick(Sender: TObject); procedure btnCancelClick(Sender: TObject); private manager: TDataManager; ListViewCheckBoxList: TList; employeeIDs: TStringList; procedure ListViewCheckBoxCreate(List: TsListView; employeeID: string; R: TRect); procedure ListViewCheckBoxClick(Sender: TObject); procedure ListViewCheckBoxSelected(item: Integer; List: TsListView); procedure ListViewCheckBoxUnselected(item: Integer; List: TsListView); procedure PopulateEmployees; procedure ShowSelectedEmployees; procedure MarkRows; public property DataManager: TDataManager read manager write manager; property CommissionReceivers: TStringList read employeeIDs write employeeIDs; end; var dlgShareCommission: TdlgShareCommission; implementation {$R *.dfm} procedure TdlgShareCommission.btnCancelClick(Sender: TObject); begin employeeIDs := employeeIDs; end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.btnDoneClick(Sender: TObject); var i, j: Integer; begin employeeIDs := TStringList.Create; for i := 0 to ListViewCheckBoxList.Count - 1 do begin if TsCheckBox(ListViewCheckBoxList[i]).Checked then begin for j := 0 to manager.Data.Employees.Count - 1 do begin if TsCheckBox(ListViewCheckBoxList[i]).Tag = StrToInt(manager.Data.Employees[j].ID) then begin employeeIDs.Add(manager.Data.Employees[j].ID); Break; end; end; end; end; end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.FormClose(Sender: TObject; var Action: TCloseAction); begin manager.GetEmployees(manager.Data.SelectedPOS.ID); end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin ListViewCheckBoxList := TList.Create; end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.ListViewCheckBoxCreate(List: TsListView; employeeID: string; R: TRect); function NewViewCheckBox: TsCheckBox; begin Result := TsCheckBox.Create(Self); Result.Tag := StrToInt(employeeID); Result.Parent := List; Result.BoundsRect := R; Result.Checked := False; Result.OnClick := ListViewCheckBoxClick; end; begin ListViewCheckBoxList.Add(NewViewCheckBox); end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.FormShow(Sender: TObject); begin if employeeIDs <> nil then begin PopulateEmployees; ShowSelectedEmployees; MarkRows; end else begin PopulateEmployees; MarkRows; end; //PopulateEmployees; //MarkRows; end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.ListViewCheckBoxClick(Sender: TObject); var i: Integer; begin for i := 0 to ListViewCheckBoxList.Count - 1 do begin if (i+1) <= (ListViewCheckBoxList.Count - 1) then if not TsCheckBox(ListViewCheckBoxList[i+1]).Enabled then begin TsCheckBox(ListViewCheckBoxList[i+1]).Checked := TsCheckBox(ListViewCheckBoxList[i]).Checked; end; end; MarkRows; end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.MarkRows; var j: Integer; begin for j := 0 to lvEmployees.Items.Count - 1 do begin if not TsCheckBox(ListViewCheckBoxList[j]).Checked then begin ListViewCheckBoxSelected(j, lvEmployees); end else begin ListViewCheckBoxUnselected(j, lvEmployees); end; end; end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.ListViewCheckBoxSelected(item: Integer; List: TsListView); begin with List do begin Items[item].Selected := False; end; end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.ListViewCheckBoxUnselected(item: Integer; List: TsListView); begin with List do begin Items[item].Selected := False; end; end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.PopulateEmployees; var i: Integer; R: TRect; employeeRow: TListItem; begin with lvEmployees do try Items.BeginUpdate; Items.Clear; manager.GetEmployees(manager.Data.SelectedPOS.ID); for i := 0 to manager.Data.Employees.Count - 1 do begin employeeRow := Items.Add; R := Items[i].DisplayRect(drBounds); R.Left := 5; R.Top := R.Top + 1; ListViewCheckBoxCreate(lvEmployees, manager.Data.Employees[i].ID, R); Items[i].Data := TsCheckBox(ListViewCheckBoxList[i]); employeeRow.SubItems.Add(manager.Data.Employees[i].FirstName + ' ' + manager.Data.Employees[i].LastName); end; finally lvEmployees.Items.EndUpdate; end; end; procedure TdlgShareCommission.ShowSelectedEmployees; var i, j: Integer; begin for j := 0 to lvEmployees.Items.Count - 1 do begin for i := 0 to employeeIDs.Count - 1 do begin if TsCheckBox(ListViewCheckBoxList[j]).Tag = StrToInt(employeeIDs[i]) then begin TsCheckBox(ListViewCheckBoxList[j]).Checked := True; end; end; end; end; end.

What I need to add to code that checkboxes also will scroll with other content?


The standard ListView has a property called checkboxes that can be set to true.
If you use that then you don't have to mess with making your own checkboxes.
I've never had any problems with checkboxes not showing properly in this control.

This property works best in ViewStyle:= vsList or ViewStyle:= vsReport

Alternatively if you want checkboxes on some items but not on others then make a picture of a checkbox (1 unchecked, 1 checked) and add both of them to an ImageList.
If an item needs a checkbox, set its ImageIndex property to that of the unchecked item. If it needs to be checked, set its ImageIndex property to the checked Image.
This works in ViewStyle:= vsReport and ViewStyle:= vsList.

You are using a custom ListView (TsListView) control, try using a standard ListView instead and see if the strange behaviour shows up.

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