Creating a custom Callback for Retrofit

I am using Retrofit and Otto in my app for web service calls. I want to assign an id for each request made so I made a custom Retrofit callback like this

public class RetrofitCallback<T> implements Callback<T> { private static int _idCounter = 1; public int requestId; private Bus eventBus; public RetrofitCallback(Bus eventBus){ this.requestId = _idCounter; this.eventBus = eventBus; _idCounter++; } @Override public void success(T data, Response response) { // problem.. data is not the type I expected. please see below RetrofitRequestSuccess<T> message = new RetrofitRequestSuccess<>(requestId, data, response);; } @Override public void failure(RetrofitError error) { RetrofitRequestFailed message = new RetrofitRequestFailed(requestId, error);; } }

The RetrofitRequestSuccess class

public class RetrofitRequestSuccess<T> { public T data; public int requestId; public Response response; public RetrofitRequestSuccess(int requestId, T data, Response response) { this.requestId = requestId; = data; this.response = response; } }

I then use the callback as follows

int requestId = 0; // activity level scope RestAdapter restApiAdapter = new RestAdapter.Builder().setEndpoint(ENDPOINT).build(); RestAPI restClient = restApiAdapter.create(RestAPI.class); RetrofitCallback<List<Order>> callback = new RetrofitCallback<>(BusProvider.getBus()); restClient.getOrders(callback); requestId = callback.requestId;

Otto subscribed method

@Subscribe public void onHttpResponseReceived(RetrofitRequestSuccess message) { if(message.requestId == requestId) { List<Order> ordersList = (ArrayList<Order>); } }

The problem is I never get List of Order objects in No matter what type I pass when I create the callback, the always contains a List of Gson's LinkedTreeMap objects. How can I make it to return the correct type? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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