Datatable select with multiple conditions

I have a datatable with 4 columns A, B, C and D such that a particular combination of values for column A, B and C is unique in the datatable.

Objective: To find the value of column D, for a given combination of values for column A, B and C.

I guess looping over the set of data rows should do it. Is there a way to use Datatable.Select() to accomplish this? To be more specific - can I have multiple conditions in the select filter i.e. a logical AND operator connecting conditions for each of the columns A, B and C.


Yes, the DataTable.Select method supports boolean operators in the same way that you would use them in a "real" SQL statement:

DataRow[] results = table.Select("A = 'foo' AND B = 'bar' AND C = 'baz'");

See DataColumn.Expression in MSDN for the syntax supported by DataTable's Select method.

Do you have to use DataTable.Select()? I prefer to write a linq query for this kind of thing.

var dValue= from row in myDataTable.AsEnumerable()
where row.Field("A") == 1
&& row.Field("B") == 2
&& row.Field("C") == 3
select row.Field("D");

Try this,
I think ,this is one of the simple solutions.

int rowIndex = table.Rows.IndexOf(table.Select("A = 'foo' AND B = 'bar' AND C = 'baz'")[0]);
string strD= Convert.ToString(table.Rows[rowIndex]["D"]);

Make sure,combination of values for column A, B and C is unique in the datatable.

I found that having too many and's would return incorrect results (for .NET 1.1 anyway)

DataRow[] results = table.Select("A = 'foo' AND B = 'bar' AND C = 'baz' and D ='fred' and E = 'marg'");

In my case A was the 12th field in a table and the select was effectively ignoring it.

However if I did

DataRow[] results = table.Select("A = 'foo' AND (B = 'bar' AND C = 'baz' and D ='fred' and E = 'marg')");

The filter worked correctly!

protected void FindCsv()
string strToFind = "2";

importFolder = @"C:\Documents and Settings\gmendez\Desktop\";

fileName = "CSVFile.csv";

connectionString= @"Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)};Dbq="+importFolder+";Extended Properties=Text;HDR=No;FMT=Delimited";
conn = new OdbcConnection(connectionString);

System.Data.Odbc.OdbcDataAdapter da = new OdbcDataAdapter("select * from [" + fileName + "]", conn);
DataTable dt = new DataTable();

dt.Columns[0].ColumnName = "id";

DataRow[] dr = dt.Select("id=" + strToFind);

Response.Write(dr[0][0].ToString() + dr[0][1].ToString() + dr[0][2].ToString() + dr[0][3].ToString() + dr[0][4].ToString() + dr[0][5].ToString());

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