efficiency of jquery toggler

Here's the link to my code: http://jsbin.com/edago3/edit

I would love to find out what improvements could be made to make it smaller and more efficient.

Any help is appreciated.


There are a number of improvements you can make if you're looking for more concise code, you can see a full updated sample here. I'll list the main areas you can save code on below (for equivalent functionality of course).

The main bits:

.html("  toggler  ")

Can be shortened to...

$('<span>', { html: "&nbsp; toggler &nbsp;", 'class': "gm-toggler"}).hide()


$li.hover(function() {
$('.gm-toggler', this).show();
}, function(){
$('.gm-toggler', this).hide();

Can be shortened to...

$('.gm-toggler', this).toggle();


// ... remove its active class ...
} else {
// ... otherwise give it an active class.

Can be shortened to....


It's probably better to ask which parts you have questions on, the relevant documentation for the methods I used can be found here: .toggle(), .toggleClass(), jQuery(html, props).

Looks well written to me, nice job! The only small thing I found that could be improved is line 17, change:

.html("&nbsp; toggler &nbsp;")



and then pad .gm-toggler on the left and right with CSS.

Using .html relies on .innerHTML and will be slower than a standard Javascript text insertion (but it would write out the &nbsp; as text, hence the padding, which is better for separating presentation anyway).

Also, in the line just before that, you can just say $('<span>') and jQuery will construct it exactly as you've written. Just more readable.

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