Extracting values from XML using Python

I have the following xml extracted from another xml file.

<notifications> <notification name="ccmSmtp" oid="" status="current"> <objects> <object module="callhome" name="ccmSmtp" /> </objects> <description>This is a description</description> </notification> <notification name="ccmAlertGroup" oid="" status="current"> <objects> <object module="callhome" name="callHome" /> </objects> <description>This is a description</description> </notification> <notification name="ccmAlert" oid="" status="current"> <objects> <object module="callhome" name="callHome" /> </objects> <description>This is a description</description> </notification> <notification name="ccmSmtp" oid="" status="current"> <objects></objects> <description>This is a description</description> </notification> </notifications>

I'm using the following Python code.

from xml.dom import minidom xmldoc = minidom.parse('example.xml') grammarNode = xmldoc.childNodes[2] notificationsNode = grammarNode.childNodes[9] print notificationsNode.toxml()

This python code gives the output of the xml which i have given above.

I tried the following to get the attribute values

notificationlist = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName('notification') print notificationlist[0].toxml() notification1 = notificationlist[0] key = notification1.attributes.keys()

Using this I'm able to get only the values of the fist set of notification.

How is that i can get all the values of the attributes and store it in separate variables?


If you want to get the attributes for each item in notificationlist, you could do this:

attrslist = [dict(node.attributes.items()) for node in notificationlist]
print attrslist[0]
# => {u'status': u'current', u'oid': u'', u'name': u'ccmSmtp'}
print attrslist[0]['status']
# => current

From here it would just be a matter of iterating this new list and pulling the attributes by name for each <notification> element in notificationlist.

for n in attrslist:
status = n['status']
oid = n['oid']
name = n['name']
# blah

Assuming that your 'notificationlist = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName('notification')' is generated from xmldoc which is the output value you listed you should have four elements. Thus just focusing on element 0 with notificationlist[0] will only address that first element. Here is some code with a modification to your samlpe xmldoc to make the discriptions differ by prepending aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd. You can capture the data by replacing the print statements---

for x in notificationlist:
print '*' * 15
print x.getElementsByTagName('description').item(0).childNodes[0].data
for y in x.attributes.keys():
print y
print x.attributes.getNamedItem(y).nodeValue
print '-' *15

aaaThis is a description

bbbThis is a description

cccThis is a description

dddThis is a description


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