Filtering by value in array in object

Let's say I have an array of objects, something like:

$ = [{name: 'foo name', value: 'foo value', spots: ['s1', 's2', 's3']}, {name: 'foo name 2', value: 'foo value 2', spots: ['s1', 's2', 's3', 's4'}];

I want to filter this data with respect to the value of the current "spot", that is selected by the user. I know I could just write something like:

<div ng-repeat="subItem in data | filter: 's' + currentSpot"> // Some content </div>

But in the real case the data in each item is much more complex and thus causes a delay when the DOM is updated. I would thus like to filter only by the 'spots' field. I've searched around but didn't find any good solution that optimizes this problem.


As of Angular 1.1.3 or newer, you can do something like this

<input type="text" ng-model="search">
<div ng-repeat="item in data | filter: {'spots': search}">

Where 'spots' is the key from item in data, on which you want to search.

See this fiddle:

You could do something like this:

filter: function (value) {
var deferred = $q.defer();
var matches = $ (datarow) {
if (value== "" || value== null) return false;
else if (datarow.spots.toLowerCase().indexOf(value.toLowerCase()) != -1) return true;
$timeout(function () {
}, 100);
return deferred.promise;

Really fast copy paste so you have to adapt it to your own situation. I suggest using 2 arrays, the full one and the filtered one you then reference in your ng-repeat.

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