Generate XML from Table

I have a table like this:

ID Name Column1 Column2 Column3 1 ABC 202.2 1500 34000 2 IJK 104 10000 27000

I want to generate XML like this:

<doc> <record ID="1" Name="ABC" Column1="202.2" Column2="15000" Column3="34000" /> <record ID="2" Name="IJK" Column1="104" Column2="10000" Column3="27000" /> </doc>

I have got some clue from this forum post and used this code:

CREATE TABLE #tmp (column1 VARCHAR(20), column2 VARCHAR(20), column3 VARCHAR(20)) INSERT INTO #tmp VALUES ( 'data1', 'data2', 'data3' ) INSERT INTO #tmp VALUES ( 'data11', 'data21', 'data31' ) -- FOR XML PATH with ELEMENTS will automatically unpivot the data for you -- Then reshape your XML using nested FLWOR loops SELECT ( SELECT * FROM #tmp t FOR XML PATH, ELEMENTS, TYPE ).query(' for $e in row return <row>{ for $f in $e/* return <field name="{local-name($f)}">{data($f)}</field> } </row> ')

I tried the following modified version:

SELECT (SELECT * FROM cte_temp t FOR XML PATH, ELEMENTS, TYPE) .query('for $e in row return <doc> { for $f in $e return <record {local-name($f)}="{data($f)}" /> } </doc>')

But I'm getting error:

XQuery [query()]: Invalid source character 0x7b found in an identifier near 'return'.


Why you trying to get fancy.

Select * from #tmp as record
FOR XML AUTO, root('doc')

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