Get 3D cube from an Obb3

given an Obb3 (Center, HalfVector and axis[3]),
how can I create a cube that has the same bounds as this Obb3 ? I'll then use this cube to display my obb3 bounds.

I use vector_math and three.dart libraries
So far, my code is :

Matrix3 rot_mat = new Matrix3([0],[0],[0],[1],[1],[1],[2],[2],[2]); Vector3 diag = rot_mat.absoluteRotate(; var geometry = new CubeGeometry(diag[0] * 2.0, diag[1] * 2.0, diag[2] * 2.0); var material = new MeshBasicMaterial(color: 0x00ff00, wireframe: true, blending: NormalBlending, side: DoubleSide, shading: FlatShading); var obj = new Mesh(geometry, material); obj.position =; obj.matrix.setRotation(rot_mat); obj.updateMatrix(); scene.add(obj);

Thanks a lot for your help :]

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