Getting 0 rows returned on query

so let me start will the basic table layout for all tables involved:


+----+----------+-----------+ | id | zip_code | time_zone | +----+----------+-----------+ | 1 | 00544 | -1 | | 2 | 00601 | -3 | | 3 | 00602 | 0 | | 4 | 00603 | -3 | | 5 | 00604 | 0 | +----+----------+-----------+


+------+---------------+--------------------+ | id | location_code | service_center_zip | +------+---------------+--------------------+ | 7119 | TX725 | 79714 | | 7121 | TX734 | 75409 | | 7122 | TX737 | 78019 | | 7124 | TX742 | 75241 | | 7126 | TX751 | 77494 | +------+---------------+--------------------+


+----+-----------------+------------------+--------------+--------------+ | id | truck_stop_code | create_date | gps_verified | central_time | +----+-----------------+------------------+--------------+--------------+ | 1 | CA428 | 05/01/2015 14:52 | 0 | NULL | | 2 | CA343 | 05/01/2015 19:10 | 0 | NULL | | 3 | CA223 | 05/01/2015 09:28 | 0 | NULL | | 4 | CA721 | 05/01/2015 07:55 | 0 | NULL | | 5 | MN336 | 05/01/2015 06:46 | 0 | NULL | +----+-----------------+------------------+--------------+--------------+

When I was working on this project an issue was noticed with the create_date column in transaction_record. It needs to be converted to central time, so I wrote an update query, but I have been unable to successfully set the central_time column. My query is below:


UPDATE t SET t.central_time = DATEADD(hour, z.time_zone,CONVERT(DATETIME, t.create_date, 120)) FROM eagle_devel.dbo.zip_code_time_zone z INNER JOIN eagle_devel.dbo.pricing_record p ON z.zip_code = p.service_center_zip INNER JOIN eagle_devel.dbo.transaction_record t ON t.truck_stop_code = p.location_code

This is what i get when I run the query

(0 row(s) affected)


The time_zone column in #zip_code_time_zone is not the standard UTC it is the difference to calculate to central

I am still working on this as we speak, just looking for some extra assistance to see if someone else can fix it faster than myself.


Try like this instead with little changes, table you are updating should be in FROM clause and then adjust the JOIN accordingly

SET t.central_time = DATEADD(hour, z.time_zone,CONVERT(DATETIME, t.create_date, 120))
FROM eagle_devel.dbo.transaction_record t
INNER JOIN eagle_devel.dbo.pricing_record p ON t.truck_stop_code = p.location_code
INNER JOIN eagle_devel.dbo.zip_code_time_zone z ON z.zip_code = p.service_center_zip

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