Histogram Actual Results Do Not Match Expected Results - Why?

1. I am working on histograms and have the following data in cells D2:D26 (these are calculated values):-


























The above is:-

1 lot of 14

3 lots of 15

4 lots of 16

4 lots of 17

3 lots of 18

5 lots of 19

3 lots of 20

2 lots of 21

Total number of lots 25.

2. In cells G2:G5 I have the following bins:-





3. If I set up a histogram my expected results are:-

Bin 5 Frequency 0

Bin 10 Frequency 1

Bin 15 Frequency 19

Bin 20 Frequency 5

4. The actual results are:-

Bin 5 Frequency 0

Bin 10 Frequency 0

Bin 15 Frequency 2

Bin 20 Frequency 19

More 4

Why do the actual results not match the expected results?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


I get this:

Bin Frequency
5 0
10 0
15 4
20 19
More 2

The frequency for 15 is the number of entries >10 and <=15, i.e. 1+3=4

The frequency for 20 is the number of entries >15 and <=20, i.e. 4+4+3+5+3=19

The frequency for More is the number of entries >20, i.e. 2

Hans, thanks for the reply.

You don't say which version you have tested in.

Why don't my results agree with yours? shouldn't they be the same?

Great inter-Guru challenge.


Don't get it.


I have re-tested this today and EXCEL seems to be shunting everything down 1 bin.

I tested in Excel 2010 SP1.

The results of using Histogram from the Analysis ToolPak add-in correspond exactly to those of the FREQUENCY function with the same data and bins, and to the description in the Excel help of how the bins work in both Histogram and FREQUENCY.

I have no idea why you get different results.

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