How do I create the first line in a new Google Spreadsheet using the API?

This is how I create the spreadsheet:

DocsService client= new DocsService ("idea"); client.useSsl (); client.setOAuthCredentials (oauthParameters, new OAuthHmacSha1Signer ()); DocumentListEntry newEntry= new (); newEntry.setTitle (new PlainTextConstruct ("GIdeaDB")); DocumentListEntry insertedEntry= client.insert (new URL ( ""+ userEmail), newEntry);

Now I want to write the first line in it.

But unfortunately all API calls seam to base on the fact, that there already is a first line, for you insert name-value-pairs (where the name is the headline I want to create).

Any ideas how I can create the first line? The one which defines the field names.


Finaly found it. You have to do it cell by cell:

oauthParameters= new GoogleOAuthParameters ();
oauthParameters.setOAuthConsumerKey (CONSUMER_KEY);
oauthParameters.setOAuthConsumerSecret (CONSUMER_SECRET);
oauthParameters.setOAuthType (OAuthType.TWO_LEGGED_OAUTH);
oauthParameters.setScope ("");

SpreadsheetService spreadsheetService= new SpreadsheetService ("appname");
spreadsheetService.useSsl ();
spreadsheetService.setOAuthCredentials (oauthParameters,
new OAuthHmacSha1Signer ());

URL feedUrl= new URL (
+ "/feeds/spreadsheets/private/full?title=Spreadsheetname&xoauth_requestor_id="
+ userEmail);

SpreadsheetFeed resultFeed= spreadsheetService.getFeed (feedUrl,

List <SpreadsheetEntry> spreadsheets= resultFeed.getEntries ();
SpreadsheetEntry spreadsheetEntry= spreadsheets.get (0);

URL worksheetFeedUrl= spreadsheetEntry.getWorksheetFeedUrl ();
log.severe (worksheetFeedUrl.toString ());
WorksheetFeed worksheetFeed= spreadsheetService.getFeed (
worksheetFeedUrl, WorksheetFeed.class);

List <WorksheetEntry> worksheetEntrys= worksheetFeed.getEntries ();
WorksheetEntry worksheetEntry= worksheetEntrys.get (0);

// Write header line into Spreadsheet
URL cellFeedUrl= worksheetEntry.getCellFeedUrl ();
CellFeed cellFeed= spreadsheetService.getFeed (cellFeedUrl,

CellEntry cellEntry= new CellEntry (1, 1, "headline1");
cellFeed.insert (cellEntry);
cellEntry= new CellEntry (1, 2, "headline2");
cellFeed.insert (cellEntry);

I haven't tried it, but it looks to me like that is described in the section on "Creating a table":

TableEntry tableEntry = new TableEntry();

FeedURLFactory factory = FeedURLFactory.getDefault();
URL tableFeedUrl = factory.getTableFeedUrl(spreadsheetEntry.getKey());

// Specify a basic table:
tableEntry.setTitle(new PlainTextConstruct("New Table"));
tableEntry.setWorksheet(new Worksheet("Sheet1"));
tableEntry.setHeader(new Header(1));

// Specify columns in the table, start row, number of rows.
Data tableData = new Data();
// Start row index cannot overlap with header row.
// This table has only one column.
tableData.addColumn(new Column("A", "Column A"));

service.insert(tableFeedUrl, tableEntry);

Specifically, the part tableEntry.setHeader(new Header(1)) seems like it creates a header on the first row. Then, tableData.setStartIndex(2) seems to specify that data shouldn't go in the first row (since it's the header). Finally, tableData.addColumn(new Column("A", "Column A")) seems to add a column that would be labeled in the header.

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