How to add async callbacks in node to a function call?

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Basically I have included a CLI package in my node application. I need the CLI to spin up a new project (this entails creating a folder for the project). After the project folder is created, I need to create some files in the folder (using fs writeFile). The problem is right now, my writeFile function executes BEFORE the folder is created by the CLI package (This is detected by my console.log. This brings me to main main question.

Can I add an async callback function to the without modifying the package I included?, { framework: 'sites', // 'apps' or 'emails' also template: 'basic', // 'advanced' also name: projectName, directory: $scope.settings.path.join("") }); try{ if (!fs.existsSync(path)){ console.log("DIRECTORY NOT THERE!!!!!"); } fs.writeFileSync(correctedPath, JSON.stringify(project) , 'utf-8'); } catch(err) { throw err; }

It uses foundation-cli. The new command executes the following async series. I'd love to add a callback to the package - still not quite sure how.

async.series(tasks, finish);

Anyone interested in this can probably get mileage out of:

Creating Callbacks for required modules in node.js


The code for the new command seem to be available on

this code was not written to allow programmatic usage of the new command (it uses console.log everywhere) and does not call any callback when the work is finished.

so no there is no way to use this package to do what you are looking for. Either patch the package or find another way to do what you want to achieve.

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