How to call NSCell's fieldEditorForView: to assign custom field editor

I have an NSTextView, which I want to use as the field editor of an NSTextField.

Since there will be other NSTextFields in the view that do not use a custom field editor, it seems I should use NSCell's method

- (NSTextView *)fieldEditorForView:(NSView *)aControlView

I can't wrap my brain around how to call this, though and have not found any examples of it in use.

NSCell's docs say that 'aControlView' is :

The view containing cells that require a custom field editor.

Which my brain is saying means 'the view this NSTextField is in', and not the NSTextField (as a subclass of NSView).

NSView *viewTheTextFieldIsIn; CustomTextView *customTextView subclass of NSTextView (the field editor) NSTextField *textField


[[textField cell] fieldEditorForView:customTextView];

makes no sense to me because its not viewForFieldEditor:...but its on NSCell.

Would someone have mercy on me, and un-snarl my thinking?


Just thought I would answer this for the archive as I think i understand it now, (amazing what sleep will do).

The specific method call's usage can be:

CustomTextView *customTextView = (CustomTextView *)[[self.textField cell] fieldEditorForView:self.textField];
[customTextView doSomeOtherStuffWithIt];

The customTextView can be used as a fieldEditor by using the window's delegate method:

-(id)windowWillReturnFieldEditor:(NSWindow *)sender toObject:(id)client

where client can be the textField.

Then the call to fieldEditorForView on the textField will return that CustomTextView.

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