How to compare list in Python with some class using imlicator in?

I would like to compare list which contain some class using implicator in. Code below:

class Word: def __init__(self, p_name): = p_name def __eq__(self, other): return == def __str__(self): return "_name_: " + t1 = [] t1.append(Word("John")) t2 = [] t2.append(Word("John")) if t1 in t2: print("the same")

I got an error that "list has no attribute 'name'". I know that I can write some loops but I would like to use implicator in if it is possible in such situation.



if t1 in t2:
print("the same")

Should be one of these:

# Check if a single word is in t2.
w = Word("John")
if w in t2:
print("the same")

# Check if any element of t1 is in t2.
if any(w in t2 for w in t1):
print("the same")

# Check if all elements of t1 are in t2.
if all(w in t2 for w in t1):
print("the same")

You should not be checking if one list is in another list. You either want to check if a particular item is in a list, or you want to compare all of the items in t1 with the items in t2.

def __eq__(self, other):
return isinstance(other, Word) and ==

It would also be a good idea to add a check to __eq__ that other is a Word. Your code blows up because other is a list not a Word, and so the lookup fails.

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