how to convert "var f = userState as Fault" from c# to ironpython

I want to convert C# statement

var f = userState as Fault

to ironpython statement


There are two parts to this.

If you are just trying to cast userState to a Fault then you don't need to do anything as Python is weakly typed.

If you are trying to determine if userState is of type Fault then try this

from System import *
if userState.GetType() == Type.GetType(Fault):

Without seeing the next line, it's hard to know what your intent is.

If you're downcasting (say from object to Fault) - you don't have to! In IronPython members are looked up at runtime, so if userState is already a Fault you can treat it as one without any casting.

If you're trying to trigger an explicit/implicit conversion, use clr.Convert.

If you're checking if userState is a Fault, use isinstance(userState, Fault).

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