How to hide the message content on the MFMessageComposeViewController control

I'm developing an Mobile Banking app on iPhone. This app use SMS message to send and receive data with server. (This app of a bank)

I'm using the MFMessageComposeViewController control to send SMS to server. The message content has been encrypted. So, I don't want user can see the message content (I want to hide the message content on this control).

Is it possible to hide the content of message on the MFMessageComposeViewController control?

I found one app on App Store can custom the MFMessageComposeViewController control:

How to custom this control?.



I don't think you want that control. I would google for "programmatic sms". I found this

I dont think you can hide the interface or any UI items from the MFMessageComposeViewController as it is provided to you by the iphone itself. So,what you can do is make a similar interface and then use other methods such as using third party web solution to send mail.

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