How to normalize '1:2:3' to '01:02:03' by using re module of Python?

I want to normalize strings like




by using re module of Python, so I am trying to select the string like '1:2:3' then match the single number '1','2','3'..., here is my pattern:


it works but I think the pattern is not simple enough, anybody could help me simplify it? or use map()/split() if it's more sophisticated.


\b matches between a word character and a non-word character.

>>> import re
>>> l = ['1:2:3','10:20:30']
>>> [re.sub(r'\b(\d)\b', r'0\1', i) for i in l]
['01:02:03', '10:20:30']



You can simplify it to this.See demo.

If the string is like


Then do

print ",".join([re.sub(r"(?<!\d)(\d)(?!\d)",r"0\1",i) for i in x.split(",")])

You could do this with re, but pretty much nobody will know how it works afterwards. I'd recommend this instead:

':'.join("%02d" % int(x) for x in original_string.split(':'))

It's more clear how it works.

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