How to save data from a json array to the database MongoDB?

How to save the marker coordinates received as json parameter and build it to lat and lng fields with right values? I tried to do this in many ways but it gave everyone fails. Below those that are closest in my opinion good.

#controller: def create @user = received_json = ["{\"lat\":52.38521483550798,\"lng\":16.866459809082016}", "{\"lat\":52.40458894240522,\"lng\":16.856503449218735}", "{\"lat\":52.42605757375466,\"lng\":16.86989303662108}"] # objArray=JSON.parse(received_json.to_json) objArray=ActiveSupport::JSON.decode(received_json.to_json) #example 1 objArray.each do |obj| end # NoMethodError (undefined method `each_pair' for "{\"lat\":52.38521483550798,\"lng\":16.866459809082016}":String): #example 2 objArray.each do |obj, value|>value) end # BSON::InvalidKeyName ({"lat":52.38521483550798,"lng":16.866459809082016} - key must not contain '.'): #example 3 objArray.each do |obj| end # This approach save data but in one field lat in user markers array # Data Saved: {"_id":"4e9eac161e7bf208280002fb","markers":[{"_id":"4e9eac161e7bf208280002fc","lat":"{\"lat\":52.38521483550798,\"lng\":16.866459809082016}"},{"_id":"4e9eac161e7bf208280002fd","lat":"{\"lat\":52.40458894240522,\"lng\":16.856503449218735}"},{"_id":"4e9eac161e7bf208280002fe","lat":"{\"lat\":52.42605757375466,\"lng\":16.86989303662108}"}]} end #model class User include Mongoid::Document field :name, :type => String embeds_many :markers, :inverse_of => :user end class Marker include Mongoid::Document field :lat, :type => Float field :lng, :type => Float embedded_in :user, :inverse_of => :marker end


Try the following code

def create
@user =
received_json = ["{\"lat\":52.38521483550798,\"lng\":16.866459809082016}", "{\"lat\":52.40458894240522,\"lng\":16.856503449218735}", "{\"lat\":52.42605757375466,\"lng\":16.86989303662108}"]
markers = received_json.collect { |attributes| ActiveSupport::JSON.decode(attributes) }
markers.each do |marker|

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