htaccess rewrite regex issue wildcard

This should be fairly easy for all regex gurus, however we are having issues with it.

I need a htaccess rewrite rule for following constellations...

"domain.tld/P123A123B123C123" -> points to index.php?pos=P123A123B123C123


"domain.tld/P1A2B3C4" -> points to index.php?pos=P1A2B3C4

...the min length of numbers are 1 and max. length 3 (1-9)

note: a check for chars P A B C to exist on url is required.


Hopefully this should work:

RewriteRule domain\.tld\/P\d{1,3}A\d{1,3}B\d{1,3}C\d{1,3}$ index.php?pos=$1

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