in swing, layout components that has different heights

We have components that have different heights, we want to show them in a way that vertically there is as little space as possible (as shown in the picture), how can we do that using miglayout?

in swing, layout components that has different heights


I've used MigLayout quite a bit, I'm not sure there's a really nice way to do this. What you really want is to have 5 columns and use split on the y axis which you can't do unfortunately.

I see three approaches:

1) Use 5 jpanels, one for each column and just use flowy in MigLayout for each column

2) Setup a matrix and assign each component to a number of cells

p.add(component1, "cell 0 0 1 1");
p.add(component2, "cell 1 0 1 2");

etc.. This works if pretty well if you don't have a lot of different end points in each column

"span" might be a little cleaner here:

p.add(component1, "spany 1");
p.add(component2, "spany 2");
p.add(component3, "spany 1");
p.add(component4, "spany 3");
p.add(component5, "spany 1, wrap");

3) Use "nogrid" and just set size bounds on each component

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