Indy SSL to plain socket pump

I have to provide an SSL front for a plain TCP server, so I'm making a "pump" application that will provide an SSL connection to the outside while the original server can stay plain.

I'm trying to use the Indy components to support my SSL needs, but I can't seem to get any data from the SSL port. I assigned the TIdTCPServer.OnExecute to the following event handler:

procedure TForm1.IdTCPServer1Execute(AContext: TIdContext); var c:TIdTCPClient; cs,ss:TIdIOHandler; b:TBytes; begin c:=TIdTCPClient.Create(Self); try c.Host:=''; c.Port:=60675; c.ConnectTimeout:=500; c.Connect; ss:=c.IOHandler; cs:=AContext.Connection.IOHandler; while (cs.Connected) and (ss.Connected) do begin if cs.CheckForDataOnSource(1) then begin try cs.ReadBytes(b,1,False); except on e:Exception do Memo1.Lines.Add(e.Message); //BAD out of Thread context end; if Length(b)>0 then ss.Write(b); end; if ss.CheckForDataOnSource(1) then begin ss.ReadBytes(b,1,False); if Length(b)>0 then cs.Write(b); end; end; finally c.Free; end; end;

The TCP server has an SSL handler attached. I did the same on a plain HTTP server and it worked fine, so I'm assuming my SSL setup is not the issue.

cs=Client Side (the server socket) and ss=Server side (the client for the TCP server I'm trying to add SSL to).

Now, I know it needs cleanup and doing 1ms waits isn't pretty, but before I can attack that issue, I'd like to receive some data.

Neither of my ReadBytes get called. When I used cs.Readable(), I get true just once, but I still couldn't read.

What can I do to make a pump? Why am I not getting data?


Try using the TIdMappedPortTCP component instead of TIdTCPServer directly. TIdMappedPortTCP handles all the work of passing data back and forth between a client and another server. By default, the outbound connection to the second server is not encrypted, even if the inbound connection to TIdMappedPortTCP is encrypted.

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