Interactive Google Map with search functionality

I found this website and I am very interested on its functionality, now I wanted that kind of stuff on my website where user can add entries and search entries through map. I am using wordpress and unable to find a plugin that can do that. I hope you guys to give me at least a tips or recommendations, any help is truly appreciated. Thanks a lot :).


You might have luck looking into this plugin however, implementation is not super easy, and I'm unsure about support, but the results for one of my projects has been great.

  • Plugin Name: Location Marker Maps
  • Plugin URI:
  • Description: Google maps with custom markers for single and multiple location maps. Create Locations in a Magic Field group and magically they are plotted on googlemaps.
  • Version: 1.1
  • Author: Sean Reichle
  • Author URI:
  • License: MIT
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Tags: google maps

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