io.popen - how to wait for process to finish in Lua?

I have to use io.popen in Lua to run an executable which takes a command line argument. How to wait for a process to finish in the Lua so that expected output can be captured?

local command = "C:\Program Files\XYZ.exe /all" hOutput = io.popen(command) print(string.format(""%s", hOutput))

Suppose the executable is XYZ.exe which needs to be called with command line argument /all.

Once io.popen(command) gets executed, the process will return some string which needs to be printed.

My code snippet:

function capture(cmd, raw) local f = assert(io.popen(cmd, 'r')) -- wait(10000); local s = assert(f:read('*a')) Print(string.format("String: %s",s )) f:close() if raw then return s end s = string.gsub(s, '^%s+', '') s = string.gsub(s, '%s+$', '') s = string.gsub(s, '[\n\r]+', ' ') return s end local command = capture("C:\Tester.exe /all")

Your help will be appreciated.


If you are using standard Lua your code looks a bit odd. I am not completely sure about io.popen semantics regarding timeouts or platform dependencies, but the following works at least on my machine.

local file = assert(io.popen('/bin/ls -la', 'r'))
local output = file:read('*all')
print(output) --> Prints the output of the command.

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