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In some web pages, when we stop mouse cursor on some words (e.g. some popular movie star names) on the web page, a pop-up box near the words will show-up, showing maybe some related pictures for the move star, a short summary for the movie star, and related twitter link for this movie star. Then we can move mouse on the pop-up windows to click for picture or twitter link.

When the mouse cursor is leaving such pop-up window, the pop-up window will disappear automatically.

Are there any existing ready to use code to implement such effect?

BTW: I remembered some web site has some underline keyword, and when mouse move over such keywords, a related Ads windows will pop-up around the keyword. This is the effect I am looking for in this question.

thanks in advance, George


Look at [jQuery TOOLS][1] - the tooltips.

[1]: jQuery Tools

You're looking for the HoverCard effect?

I think onmouseover is what you need to look into

You might also want to use the title attribute in some HTML elements.

An example from this page:

<span class="reputation-score" title="your reputation score; view reputation privileges">611</span>

When you hover over your reputation you get the message in the title attribute. It's not as fancy as some of the other answers but it is quick and simple.

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