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In Laravel I want to get all images from a dir, I just have a problem getting the path to the public folder.

$images = []; foreach(File::glob('/public/img/uploads/*.*') as $filename) { $images[] = $filename; }

If I use this function it returns nothing, I also tried using public_path() but that returns the full path including my F:// dir.


I just have a problem getting the path to the public folder. I also tried using public_path() but that returns the full path including my F:// dir.

It does it as manual reads:

Get the fully qualified path to the root of the application install.

Get the fully qualified path to the config directory.

Get the fully qualified path to the public directory.

Get the fully qualified path to the storage directory.


I doubt your public directory is in your root folder and this is what your absolute path you used points to, so use what public_path() returns - it rather is nothing to bother it is full qualified path.

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