LDAP Authentication in classic asp

I have LDAP Authentication for my ASP site. Code is working fine on Windows 2003 Server. However we need to migrate our application to Windows 2012 R2 server.Unfortunately, the same is not working Error comes as "Server is not in operational."

Below is my code. Kindly advise for the same

Function AuthUser(strFSUID, strPwd) Const ADS_FAST_BIND_SSL = 34 'forces fast binding and SSL connection Const strADSPath = "LDAP://mdsoti.fsu.edu:636/ou=People,dc=fsu,dc=edu" 'full path to LDAP server Const strProxyUser = "proxy-user" 'proxy username For establishing initial connection to LDAP Const strProxyPass = "proxy-pass" 'proxy password For establishing initial connection To LDAP Dim conADODB 'LDAP admin connection Dim comADODB 'User DB connection Dim rsLDAP 'recordset to hold user information Dim dsoLDAP 'LDAP system object Dim conUser 'LDAP connection to validate username and password Dim strPath 'users FQDN path Dim strUser 'users dn stripped from ADsPath Dim blnAuthenticated 'has user been authenticated: 0 = no, -1 = yes On Error Resume Next blnAuthenticated = False 'Create our admin connection for retrieving user DN Set conADODB = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") conADODB.Provider = "ADsDSOObject" conADODB.Properties("user ID") = "cn=" & strProxyUser & ",ou=proxy-users,dc=fsu,dc=edu" conADODB.Properties("Password") = strProxyPass conADODB.Properties("ADSI Flag") = ADS_FAST_BIND_SSL conADODB.Open "ADSI" 'next we get the users dn Set comADODB = CreateObject("ADODB.Command") Set comADODB.ActiveConnection = conADODB comADODB.CommandText = "<" & strADSPath & ">;(cn=" & strFSUID & ");Adspath,cn,;subtree" Set rsLDAP = comADODB.Execute 'finally, we validate the actual username and password While Not (rsLDAP.EOF) strPath = rsLDAP.fields("ADsPath") wscript.echo strPath 'strip out user dn from ADsPath strUser = InStrRev(strPath, "/") strUser = Mid(strPath, strUser + 1) wscript.echo strUser 'open connection to authenticate users FSUID and password Set dsoLDAP = GetObject("LDAP:") Set conUser = dsoLDAP.OpenDSObject(strADSPath, strUser, strPwd, ADS_FAST_BIND_SSL) 'see if the user's password worked. if not print error message If Err.Number <> 0 Then blnAuthenticated = False Else blnAuthenticated = True End If v = rsLDAP.fields("cn") wscript.echo v(0) rsLDAP.MoveNext Wend AuthUser = blnAuthenticated End Function

Error comes while executing "Set rsLDAP = comADODB.Execute"

Thanks in adavance

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