LINQ Group By and not contains usage issue

i like to eliminate those user data which start with VM & Voice Mail

var csvlines = File.ReadAllLines(@"M:\smdr(backup08-06-2015).csv"); var csvLinesData = csvlines.Skip(1).Select(l => l.Split(',').ToArray()); var groupOfUser = from line in csvLinesData where !line[12].contains('VM') and !line[12].contains('Voice Mail') group line by line[12] into newGroup orderby newGroup.Key select newGroup;

this line where !line[12].contains('VM') and !line[12].contains('Voice Mail') giving error and error is Too many characters in character literal


It's not SQL but C#, so a string has quotes not apostrophes and it's && not and, change it to:

where !line[12].Contains("VM") && !line[12].Contains("Voice Mail")

The '' should be used to define character literal like a single digit or alfa. To define string you should use "":

where !line[12].Contains("VM") && !line[12].Contains("Voice Mail")

Too many characters in character literal

A character literal is denoted using single quotes and should be a single character - ie 'VM' and 'Voice Mail' are too long for a character literal. In C#, you have to use double quotes for strings. In addition, you need to use &&, not and:

where !line[12].contains("VM") && !line[12].contains("Voice Mail")

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