Make dynamically generate table stay in form when not enough item in row

I am working with MVC. I have dynamically generate table with 5 items in a row on my view. But I have a problem when model have not enough 5 items, items width will increase to fill in row like below:

| x | x | x | x | x | (when have >=5 item) | x | x | (when have <5 item, in this case is 2) | x | x | (what I want to display)

This is my cshtml code:

<table style="width:100%;height:100%"> @{ int count = 0; foreach (var thread in Model) { if (count % 5 == 0) { @:<tr> } <td style="width:20%"> //thread details here </td> count++; if (count % 5 == 0) { @:</tr> } } } </table>

I can change to 2 items per row or use fix width in , but it is not my goal. Can you suggest me some way to improve my table?


I solved it by add more blank <td> in row if my items smaller than 5. Now it display like I want

<table style="width:100%;height:100%">
int count = 0;
foreach (var thread in Model)
if (count % 5 == 0)
<td style="width:20%">
//thread details here
if (count % 5 == 0)
while (count%5!=0)

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