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My office just upgraded to MS Office 2007 and I am having some problems with the macros in Excel and Word. I have recorded them correctly and most of them work just fine, but there is one that I use often in Excel that everytime I try to use the macro I have created it gives me the error "Can not run the macro ' '. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled." But I set it up exactly the same as the same as the others in my PERSONAL.XLS and it is shown as a default to let them be in all open workbooks...

In Word I set up a macro to do a signature block for letters, but every now and again it messes up???

Please HELP anyone that can give any answers would be hugely appreciated!!!


Above is the link to Office Newgroups.

Excel Newsgroup.

Word Newsgroup.

That is the best area to ask your Office specific Macro questions in.


Mick Murphy - Microsoft Partner
Thank you for the advice... I have posted my question there, but maybe everyone is just as stumped as I am; No answer yet...


Some commands are different in Excel 2007 and may need additional information. Check the one that won't run and look for things like "FIND" or other commands that have multiple parameters. You may have to try to record a new macro to see what all the new parameters are. This has bitten me also and I had a hard time finding out that commands had changed.

Good luck,

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