Oracle left outer join query

select a,last_note_user,c,d,iso_src from X,Y,Z left outer join W ON (W.last_note_user=Z.userid AND W.user_ten=Y.iso_src)

when I am executing the above query it is giving me the error "Y.iso_src" is a invalid identifier.However,Y.iso_src is a valid identifier and it exist in the system table. Is something wrong with the above left outer join?? Please help me out!!!


You cannot mix JOIN syntaxes in Oracle this way.

A JOIN condition can only refer tables previously joined using ANSI JOIN syntax.

Use this:

SELECT a, last_note_user, c, d, iso_src
ON W.last_note_user = Z.userid
AND W.user_ten = Y.iso_src

It's probably a good habit to not mix ANSI and non-ANSI join syntax as the other responses indicate. However, it is technically possible, by isolating the non-ANSI joins into a subquery:

create table X as (select dummy a, dummy c, dummy d from dual);

create table Y as (select dummy iso_src from dual);

create table Z as (select dummy userid from dual);

create table W as (select dummy last_note_user, dummy user_ten from dual);

select a,last_note_user,c,d,iso_src
from (select a, c, d, iso_src, userid FROM X,Y,Z) xyz
left outer join W
ON (W.last_note_user=xyz.userid AND W.user_ten=xyz.iso_src);

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