Override "remaining elements truncated" in Python

I'm using the Python shell in Django to make some queries. The results keep getting truncated. I get the message, "remaining elements truncated." How can I see all the results? Or, how can I write the results to a file?


Querysets do this automatically when you just output them in the shell - which implictly calls repr on them. If you call list on the queryset instead, that will output everything:


Note that you don't need to do this within your code, this is just for output within the shell. Obviously, beware of doing this on a model with a very large number of entries.

Say your query is:

>>> Foo.objects.all()

Instead try:

>>> for x in Foo.objects.all(): print x

Or to dump them to a file:

>>> f = open('your_filename','w')
>>> for x in Foo.objects.all(): f.write(u'%s\n' % x)
>>> f.close()

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