• Installing Twisted through pip broken on one server 2018-11-29

    I am setting up a virtualenv on a new server, and when I used pip on our requirements file, it kept dying on Twisted. I commented the Twisted line out, and everything else installed fine. At the command line, this is the output I see when I try to in

    Tags: python twisted virtualenv pip
  • Clojure: partly change an attribute value in Enlive 2018-11-29

    I have this test.html file that contains: <div class="clj-test class1 class2 col-sm-4 class3">content</div> A want to define a template that changes only a part of an html attr value: (deftemplate test "public/templates/test.htm

    Tags: clojure enlive
  • Storing data in database vs within a class 2018-11-29

    I'm building a PHP app using Laravel 4.2. The app allows a user to visit a website and submit a unique code. When the code is submitted, they are presented with a reward that they have earned. The rewards can vary from things like "10% off your next

    Tags: php laravel 4
  • Deprecated io.use() and io.get() with socket.io 2018-11-28

    I'm writing just a game of this tutorial : http://portal.bluejack.binus.ac.id/tutorials/creatingmultiplayerwebgameusingwebsocketnodejsandsocketio-part1-serverside And i have problem with deprecated socket.io. I have read this guide : http://socket.io

    Tags: javascript sockets websocket
  • Get values of multiple select with Selenium? 2018-11-28

    I have a multiple select element: <select multiple="multiple" id="myselect"> <option value="AL">Alabama</option> <option value="AK">Alaska</option> ... </select> How can I get the

    Tags: python selenium
  • Riak: Jokes Are Better Explained 2018-11-28

    HTTP/1.1 201 Created Connection: keep-alive Vary: Accept-Encoding Server: MochiWeb/1.1 WebMachine/1.10.5 (jokes are better explained) I have just started learning Riak and keep seeing 'jokes are better explained'. My question is just what does it mea

    Tags: riak
  • Understanding how twilio manages multiple numbers from same twilio account 2018-11-28

    My question is when we buy multiple numbers from same twilio account, what is the parameter that makes the numbers different? Is it the client name or is there something else? Suppose that I want my tablet and phone to be linked to same twilio number

    Tags: twilio
  • Can I set wordpress theme via code 2018-11-28

    I have been working on wordpress for a while. I know that we can manage themes via the admin panel and the selected theme and its configuration details are stored in the database. Is there any way I can set the theme via my wordpress code? ----------

    Tags: wordpress wordpress theming
  • We are tring to configure for the first time Text To Speach bt Watson in Node Red with no luck 2018-11-28

    Please find attached Node-Red example, using Watson's APIs, but no luck. We tried to connect MQlight components, Javascript functions for accessing only the API, and more. Please find attached JSON files to import in Node-Red. [{ "id":"e40a

    Tags: bluemix node red
  • Error running bash script in supervisor 2018-11-28

    I have a bash script that makes some work supervising network stuff, it works great when I run it manually, but when I put it in supervisor the ifs and the whiles does not work, just stops before any of those programming sentences, echos, running cat

    Tags: shell linux bash debian supervisor
  • item identification in R 2018-11-28

    I have a dataframe and I want to select from a certain column a known string myvar<-mydata[,1]=="P00568" This returns myvar as a vector with only one TRUE, but how can I know in which position is the TRUE? Thank you

  • about context object in map-reduce 2018-11-27

    can anyone explain why we are writing arguments in angle brackets in below statement and why we are defining output key/value pairs in arguments. public static class Map extends Mapper < LongWritable, Text, Text, IntWritable > what is context object

    Tags: hadoop mapreduce
  • Disabling every html DOM element excluding specific #id 2018-11-27

    Actually I am trying to disable all element in html page, but there are some element which i want to be active. $('body').find('*').attr('onclick',"return false;"); //Disabling all elements // Trying to make this id("prerequisitedetails&quo

    Tags: html jquery
  • Xamarin iOS custom UITableViewCell reuse 2018-11-27

    I have multiple custom cells stored in .xib files that I use to populate a table with. I tried thinking of a way to implement cell reuse in this case, but the fact that each custom cell contains different fields (the data bound to it), I don't know h

    Tags: ios uitableview xamarin
  • Moving each blog date to bottom of excerpt 2018-11-27

    On the site homepage, there is a grid section with the two latest blog posts. I need Javascript that will move the date to the bottom of each block (outside of the border). The link is: http://abundancepractice-building.flywheelsites.com Here is the

    Tags: javascript html css jquery wordpress
  • Binding Shapes.Path items to a ItemsControl 2018-11-27

    I have been trying to figure out how to bind an ObservableCollection<FrameworkElements> to an ItemsControl. I have an existing project which relies heavily on code behind and canvas's without binding which I am trying to update to use mvvm and prism

    Tags: wpf mvvm prism
  • Accept Only 0's And 1's TextBox In C++ 2018-11-27

    In C++!!I am making a binary application!!But I want to accept only 0 and 1 in my Text Box in which the user will type binary numbers while typing on it.I tried many codes from Google but I didn't find the answer. --------------Solutions-------------

    Tags: visual studio 2010
  • Split concatenated lzo files 2018-11-27

    I have a lzo file which is concatenation of multiple lzo files with uncertain size. They are concatenated by hdfs getmerge command. Is there any way to split them again?

    Tags: lzo hadoop lzo
  • Spring form validation using annotation and @Valid 2018-11-26

    I am having some issues with my form validation. Controller: @RequestMapping(value = REGISTER_URL, method = RequestMethod.POST) public String registerPost(@Valid RegisterForm registerForm, BindingResult result) { if (result.hasErrors()) { return REGI

    Tags: java spring spring mvc
  • RestTemplate encoding issue 2018-11-26

    While getting data from one of web service quote(") is coming as (?) when i use Rest Template. I tested the web service in the postman on chrome and it giving correct characters. I tried encoding UTF-8, but no success. I checked following are encodin

    Tags: java encoding resttemplate

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