Perl match regex for every line /g not working?

having another problem with perl and regex, sorry for being a badass perl noobie ;-)

I get the whole programm output via backticks in the variable $output.

My regex matches always just for the first appearing in the output but not for every appearance..

/g didn't work either..

$output = `$calling 2>>bla.txt`; if ($output =~ m/SegmentMean .+ Likelihood: ([-+]?\d+\.?\d+)/g) { print "$1\n"; }

Outputs from the Java Output is:

SegmentMean 0 Likelihood: -7.138117738068088 SegmentMean 1 Likelihood: -11.508156736772925 SegmentMean 2 Likelihood: -10.424706822552386 SegmentMean 3 Likelihood: -9.560308776447586 SegmentMean 4 Likelihood: -9.26826400149502 SegmentMean 5 Likelihood: -9.524685714290996 SegmentMean 6 Likelihood: -8.360030637461975 SegmentMean 7 Likelihood: -8.163275211919945 SegmentMean 8 Likelihood: -7.917569593466525 SegmentMean 9 Likelihood: -9.043243571260344

Up to SegmentMean 20 ..


Try going through the matches like an array (and use a better regex):

while ($output =~ m/SegmentMean \S+ Likelihood: ([-+]?\d+(\.\d+)?)/g) {
print "$1\n";

That should work.

You can even turn it into a single line:

print "$1\n" while ($output =~ /SegmentMean \S+ Likelihood: ([-+]?\d+(?:\.\d+)?)/g);

You're only printing the first match. $1 is the first match.

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