PHP : Is there anything available for PHING to generate Class Model out my classes

I wants to generate Class Model of all my classes in code base. I wonder if anyone is aware of anything already available to do that.

I wants to do similar to this :

I am not sure if is there anything available for PHP to do along with Phing.

Thank You.


Currently there is no task for Phing to make a graphviz diagram based on either source files or DB schema files.

A solution could be to do the following:

  • Install UMLGraph (, graphviz (, and javadoc on the server
  • Create a (java) file with the umlgraph javadoc specification (or create a php script, which can parse all your source files and create the specification)
  • In your phing build file call the umlgraph command:

    <exec command="/path/to/umlgraph ${file.javadoc_spec} png" dir="/path/to/javadoc_file"/>

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