Polymer 1.0 access parent e.model in nested repeats

<template is="dom-repeat" items="{{items}}" as="first"> <template is="dom-repeat" items="{{first}}" as="second"> <span on-tap="test">{{second}}</span> </template> </template> items: [["1","2"],["3","4"]], test: function (e) { // access e.model of first }

Is it possible to access the e.model of the outer repeat loop? Just getting the object is not enough (altough this would be a start). I need the model variable to use push/pop on it. To my surprise e.model.first does not exist.


<template is="dom-repeat" id="firstRepeat" items="{{items}}" as="first">
<template is="dom-repeat" id="secondRepeat" items="{{first}}" as="second">
<span on-tap="test">{{second}}</span>

items: [["1","2"],["3","4"]],
test: function (e) {
// First model

// Second model

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