Position: absolute not respecting parent element in IE6

I have a page with a div in it.

The div contains an image, is 700px wide and 300px tall. It is set to position: relative.

To show some text to the bottom of the DIV, I put a span into it and give it position: absolute; bottom: 8px

This works fine in all browsers, except IE6. IE6 puts the text to the very bottom of the page.

It is as if the parent element with its position: relative doesn' t even exist.

Is this known IE6 behaviour, or am I overlooking something?

I just checked, the HTML code passes W3C validation.


Did you set a height to your div? If there is no height set, IE6 considers this element as non existent.

I would say, use the


trick that will validate as well, and also give layout to IE6 which does not support the !important directive..

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