preventing duplicate table inserts using jdo in android connected appengine

I would like to know how to prevent duplicate inserts when doing an RPC call from an Android client connected to app engine. Below is my code and what I tried at the back-end but when I do this I get an "Internal Server Error".

public void createentity(userentity e) { PersistenceManager pm = PMF.get().getPersistenceManager(); //to go through the records and and check for duplicates Query q = pm.newQuery("select from" + userentity.class + "where Country=='" + e.getCCNumber() + "'"); List < userentity > s = (List < userentity > ) q.execute(); //if the size is equal to to null means there is no duplicate if (s.size() == 0) { //insert the value try { pm.makePersistent(e); } finally { pm.close(); } } }


A couple of potential issues I see. First you should also be checking that your list isn't null. If it's null, your attempt to access the size will result in a null pointer exception. Secondly, in your query string remove the double equals. You only need single equals there. And secondly, add a spaces at the end and beginnings of your string literals. You're creating an invalid string. For instance, "select from ". And lastly, you shouldn't need to wrap the e.getCCNumber() in string literals.

Query q = pm.newQuery("select from " + userentity.class + " where Country= " + e.getCCNumber());

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