Primefaces datatable header alignment with scrollbar

I'm facing a strange behaviour of Primefaces (v.5.1) Datatable. I have a datatable with srollable=true:

<p:dataTable var="_udf" value="#{unitaDiFornituraList}" scrollHeight="350" liveScroll="true" scrollRows="20" scrollable="true" id="risultati" widgetVar="risultati">

When there are lots of items the scrollbar is shown and the header is correctly aligned: Primefaces datatable header alignment with scrollbar

When there are up to 5 items the scrollbar doesn't appear and the header correctly hide the gap on the right for the scrollbar: Primefaces datatable header alignment with scrollbar

The strange thing is when I have more than 5 items but not enough to show the scrollbar. In this case the header shows the gap and thus it's not aligned: Primefaces datatable header alignment with scrollbar

Any ideas? Thank you

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