Rails 3.1: Getting 404 on images when using SASS's image-url function

In updating a Rails app to v3.1, I'm working on setting up the asset pipeline. I have the following in /app/assets/stylesheets/layout.css.scss:

#ajaxing { background:#666 image-url('spinner-16x16.gif') no-repeat center; }

I'm using the SASS image-url method, but when I loading my site, the following is generated in the /assets/application.css stylesheet:

/* line 326, ~/app/assets/stylesheets/layout.css.scss */ #ajaxing { background: #666666 url('/images/spinner-16x16.gif') no-repeat center; }

Notice the url path is using '/images/' instead of '/assets/'. As such, I'm getting 404s. What am I doing wrong?

PS. If it matters, I'm running in development mode and using the Compass gem. Although, I get the same errors without Compass.

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