Rails PDF Prawn Data Generation from controller

I have a file named report.pdf.prawn,

which is the view part of my PDF file where we can edit the contents of the PDF file like >>>

*pdf=Prawn::Document.new(:page_layout =>:landscape,:page_size => 'A4') pdf.text"Hello" [email protected] headers=[""],[""] pdf.table headers, :width => 768, :size => 11, :border_style => :underline_header, :headers => [head.titleize], :header_color => 'b7e3fe', :padding=>5* <<< etc ect...

The above just prints like

Hello Header1header2header3

I have two values from my controller >>> def report <<< as

@header and @data

  • @header gives values like Header1Header2Header3
  • @data gives values like data11data12data13data21data22data23

How do i print the values like the format given below on all PDF pages being generated?

Header1 Header2 Header3 data11 data12 data13 data21 data22 data23 data31 data32 data33 data41 data42 data33


cs = [ ]
@sql_query.each do |column|

if @headers.include?('data1x')
data << column.number

if @headers.include?('data2x')
data << column.number

cs << data


pdf.table cs,

:width => 768,

:size => 11,

:border_style => :underline_header,

:headers => @header,

:header_color => 'b7e3fe',


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