Rails: Prevent duplicate inserts due to pressing back button and save again

Think about a simple Rails scaffold application with a "new" action containing a form to add records to a database with a "save" button. After the "create" action the controller redirects to the "show" action, where the user can use the "edit" link to edit the just inserted record. So far, so simple.

But if the user instead uses the browser's back button after creating a record to get back to the "new" action, the browser shows the form with the values the user just has entered. Now he changes some values and presses "save" again. He thinks that this would change the record, but of course this creates a new record.

What is the preferred way to prevent such duplicate entries? I'm looking for a general solution, maybe based on cookies or JavaScript.


After some investigations I found a suitable solution based on cookies. Here it is:

In the controller's "new" action, a timestamp with the current time is generated and rendered in the form as hidden field. When the user submits the form, this timestamps gets back to the controller's "create" action. After creating the record, this timestamp is stored in the session cookie. If the user goes back to the "new" form via browser's back button, he gets a stale form, which means its timestamp is older than the one stored in the cookie. This is checked before creating the record and results in an error message.

Here is the controller code:

def new
@post = Post.new
@stale_form_check_timestamp = Time.now.to_i

def create
@post = Post.new(params[:post])

if session[:last_created_at].to_i > params[:timestamp].to_i
flash[:error] = 'This form is stale!'
render 'new'
@stale_form_check_timestamp = Time.now.to_i
session[:last_created_at] = @stale_form_check_timestamp

And here the form code:

- form_for @post do |f|
= tag :input, :type => 'hidden', :name => 'timestamp', :value => @stale_form_check_timestamp
= f.input :some_field
= .......

When I had that same problem I created this little gem that solves it. When the user hits back, he's redirected to the edit_path of the record, instead of going back to the new_path.


You can do something like:

def create
@user = User.new(params[:user])
if result = @user.save
redirect_on_back_to edit_user_path(@user) # If user hits 'back' he'll be redirected to edit_user_path
redirect_to @user

Your model validations will ensure things like email addresses are unique, but I think this is more about usability and experience than anything else.

Say you are talking about an account creation form. First of all, your form submit button should say something like "Create Account", instead of just "Submit". Then depending on whether it was successful or not, show a message like either "Account successfully created" or "There were errors creating your account". If the user sees this message, they will know what happened.

Sure you can't prevent someone from hitting the back button and hitting enter again, but you should design for the majority of use cases. If they happen to hit back, they will see the button that says "Create Account". You should probably have some other text on the page that says "Please sign up for a new account to get started".

Just my $0.02.

You can use validators to make sure that no duplicate values are inserted. In this case validates_uniqueness_of :field

If you for example want to prevent users from having the same email address you could put the following code in your user model.

validates_uniqueness_of :email

This checks the column for any previous entries that are the same as the one your trying to inert. Good luck

Session or cookie may result in sides effects.

I totally agree : if there is a way to validate with your model, it's the safest way to prevent duplicate records.

Still you can do 2 things. Prevent browser caching : fields will appear empty in the form when the user clicks on the back button. And disable the "Create" button when clicked.

= f.submit "Create", :disable_with => "Processing..."

When your user will press the back button the button will be disabled.

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