razor mvc trying to use button click to invoke server method

somewhere? Seen this asked many times, but solutions do not work..

the button definition above is standard. But, the question being asked here is how to invoke any method, anywhere when a click happens?? I can use the tag for a link; i would like to use a button.
The answer will be Whatever is needed to make: A button such that when the button is clicked, some method on one of the controllers can be invoked?

razor MVC web page. Add a button and it invokes a method, possibly passing data? so something in C# code in the controller.

UPDATE: question too confused, vague, not clear enough.

put this into the details.cshtml page. button click now calls method 'test' in controller 'Index'. web page crashes saying no, there aint no Actionresult and no View controller found for test, looked in /Index/test (and ~10 other file locations)

this could be useful, but the goal is to call some method that could do some c# code, modify webpage contents then return and continue where it was

what happens now, that shouldnt, is the button click pulls a new web page. what should happen is the button click method is called, its an empty "return", and the page simply continues where it was.

Added a view for test. now? blank page


There are several samples on how this would work and you really should provide more detail in what you have tried. But besides those tips, I would strongly recommend thinking in plain html and not in WebForms terms, like Button_Clicks.

When you think in html, you can submit - or 'post' - a form. Exactly as you have already discovered, one form can post to one action. But there is nothing stopping you for creating several forms on your page.

This is definitely not the most eloquent solution, but it is exactly what you are asking for and it will work:

<!-- button1 -->
@Html.BeginForm("Action1", "ControllerName", new { ... parameters ... }) {
<button type="submit">Button1</button>

<!-- button2 -->
@Html.BeginForm("Action2", "ControllerName", new { ... parameters ... }) {
<button type="submit">Button2</button>

Repeat it at will and you can have the greatest button galore you can imagine. Look into Html.AjaxForm instead of Html.BeginForm if you want to create an AJAX call, rather than a form post.

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