Regex - Get all characters after each instance of specific character

I am very new to regex and just cannot figure out how to write a pattern to match what I need. Any help would be awesome!

I want to use PHP & regex to capture each set of characters in a string that follow a specific unique character (delimiter), plus any set of characters that precedes the first instance of that delimiter. I then want to "match" the desired output into a PHP array.

  • Example delimiter: >
  • Example string:

    $str = 'word1 > word-2 > word.3 > word*4';

  • My desired match:

    array([0] => 'word1', [1] => 'word-2', [2] => 'word.3', [3] => 'word*4',);

I've looked through the following responses, and while they are close, they don't quite help me achieve what I need:

  • get all characters after "," character
  • Regex to get the words after matching string
  • Regex to get everything after the first space

This is the PHP function I'm currently working with, but it currently only finds the characters between the delimiter:

function parse_conditions($str, $delimiter='>') { if (preg_match_all('/' . $delimiter . '(.*?)' . $delimiter . '/s', $str, $matches)) { return $matches[1]; }

NOTE: the number of items in a given string may vary, so I can't use a pattern that expects a specific number of delimiters (ex. /^(.*?)>(.*?)>(.*?)>$/)


I would use preg_split,, for this.

$matches = preg_split('~\s*>\s*~', 'word1 > word-2 > word.3 > word*4');


[0] => word1
[1] => word-2
[2] => word.3
[3] => word*4

The \s* means any number of whitespace characters.

This is similar to using an explode.

$matches = explode('>', 'word1 > word-2 > word.3 > word*4');

but as you see with the explode you have the whitespaces:

[0] => word1
[1] => word-2
[2] => word.3
[3] => word*4

You can simply use array_map along with explode as

$str = 'word1 > word-2 > word.3 > word*4';
$result = array_map('trim', explode('>', $str));


[0] => word1
[1] => word-2
[2] => word.3
[3] => word*4

You can Check it here

As mentioned, you could just use explode for this:

$str = 'word1 > word-2 > word.3 > word*4';
print_r(explode(" > " , $str));

However for completeness sake, let's also use RegEx.

In this case, we can tell the Regular Expression to group all characters together that aren't whitespace and aren't the delimiter >:

preg_match_all('/([^>\s]+)/', $str, $matches);
echo print_r($matches[0]);

# [0] => Array
# (
# [0] => word1
# [1] => word-2
# [2] => word.3
# [3] => word*4
# )

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