RegEx Problem: Valid URL does not match, but should

I posted a similar question earlier, but I now realize I should have been more thorough.

I've tested a number of the URL/URI expressions listed on, but I can't get any of them to work as desired: yahoo.c!om msn msn test ! number 1

Here is how I desire them to act: (match) (match) yahoo.c!om (fail) (match) msn msn (fail) test ! number 1 (fail)

I'm using the tester here: before testing in my own app (C#, .NET 4.0)

The expression that is closest is this, but it doesn't match the one:


Any help is appreciated. Additionally, somebody should come up with a more human-readable equivalent to RegEx...this stuff is a nightmare.

Thanks, Beems


If you can't guarantee that the URL-esque pattern you're trying to match has a scheme/protocol, then the safest thing to do is match against top-level domains:


From your post it's evidently not necessary to go into the path, hash, or querystring parts of a URL, so that's it!

This one appears to work as desired:


Can anyone see any issues with this in regards to my original query? I don't need to validate whether the TLD is proper, so this isn't really an issue.

Agree with kojiro

But this does match your tests

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