Robotium: Creating the test project for .apk file

I am stuck in starting a new test project(using Robotium and Eclipse) for testing an application and I have only the .apk file. I've followed all the tutorials from but it seems I'm missing something.

  1. I have the .apk file.
  2. I've re-signed it as the tutorial says and the app was installed on the device.
  3. Now I have to start a new test project in Eclipse. I have the TARGET_PACKAGE_ID and LAUNCHER_ACTIVITY_FULL_CLASSNAME.

What are the correct steps in order to link the application installed on the device to my Eclipse project?


I try the following procedures for a debug version apk. It works.

  1. Create a android test project and "select test target" to any one (since you do not have the source code of the real target project)
  2. Modify AndroidManifest.xml and change "android:targetPackage" to your real target package.
  3. Write and run your blackbox test cases.
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