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I'm trying to get the type of an attribute that refers to a custom class, I just get that it's of type Object

My code:

class Edge[N <% Node](var from : N, var to : N) { def toXml(c: Class): xml.Elem = { <edge>{ for(field: Field <- classOf[this.type].getDeclaredFields) yield <field name={} tpe={field.tpe.toString()}>{ this.getClass().getMethods.find(_.getName() == }</field> }</edge> }

So the problem here is that I need to switch between the java Field and scala Field: apparently there is no such thing as this.getClass in scala? So I need to go through Java to get the class? However this seems to only result in Objects as types?


EDIT: The revised question is: Should scala.reflect.Field or java.lang.reflect.Field be used?

Answer: Always[*] use java.lang.reflect.Field, and in general java reflection for two reasons:

  1. That is what is returned by xxx.getClass().getDeclaredFields()
  2. The following comment is next to the definition of scala.reflect.Field


/** This type is required by the compiler and <b>should not be used in client code</b>. */
case class Field(override val fullname: String, tpe: Type) extends GlobalSymbol(fullname)

[*] At least for now. reflection is coming soon to Scala.

-- Original answer:

It would help if you posted the class code as well, but it seems that the field is declared as Object. getType returns the declaration class of the field.

From Field#getType():

Returns a Class object that identifies the declared type for the field represented by this Field object.

class Foo {
var bar: String = "string"
var bar2: java.lang.Object = "string"

for (field <- new Foo().getClass.getDeclaredFields()) {
println("field=" + field.getName() + " " + field.getType.toString())


field=bar class java.lang.String
field=bar2 class java.lang.Object

If you want the type of the instance, then you will have to do a .getClass() on the instance in the normal way.

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